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How Asaf Even Zur composes is greatly influenced by synesthesia - a perceptual phenomenon that causes the brain to process data through several senses at once. 

In his compositions, he plays with characters and storylines, colors, smells and pictures. He aims to take you on a journey through the senses where you will encounter the familiar and be exposed to the strange. 

With the Quintet, Asaf presents his own interpretation of jazz. Based on a strong foundation and understanding of the legacy, it allows the band to explore improvisation as one unit. The structure of a chart makes for an initial frame, but the music happens organically. Their goal is to stay curious about what’s being played and experience the compositions collectively every single time. 





Asaf Even Zur was born and raised in Tel Aviv, Israel. 

He started studying music at the age of six. Asaf soon developed a distinctive sound while attending the acclaimed Thelma Yellin High School for the Arts. His craft was enhanced by mentorships from some of the most significant figures of the Israeli jazz scene such as Yuval Cohen, Yonatan Voltzuk, Gilad Ronen, Erez Barnoy and Matan Chapnizky.

In 2016, Even Zur moved to New York City, where he earned a BFA from the renowned New School of Jazz and Contemporary Music, and studied with Billy Harper, Jane Ira Bloom and Myron Walden. 

He has since played with the likes of Jazz master Reggie Workman, Marc Cary, Frank Lacy, Omer Avital and Gilad Hekselman.

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